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Recycling explained

Recycling can include just waste material from the manufacturing process which is collected, rather than scrapped, and then re-used in the production process. Some suppliers use this alone to claim their recycling credentials.

However, what most consumers understand by recycling is material that has been used, discarded and then recycled.  This is technically referred to as Post Consumer Recycling and is what our recycling plant is dedicated to.  With our latest innovation 'saved from landfill' this has been taken to an even higher level with use of material saved from landfill, using 74% lower energy and zero water.

As illustrated below, the carbon foot print of different recycled or virgin material can vary considerably. CeDo’s consumer recycled and saved from landfill material have the lowest carbon footprint.
The term “recycling” can be easily confused between Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) and other forms which do not provide a full recycling loop.

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Over the last 10 years the industry’s focus has moved to recycled material with degradable discredited and biodegradable being expensive and application driven (eg caddy liners for waste food recycling).  

Factory recycling does not offer a truly circular approach (although of course we do also recycle manufacturing scrap as well to minimise waste) and the focus must therefore be placed on post-consumer recycled material.  However the recycling process still has an impact in particular in terms of the energy required to recycle and the water used in the process.  CeDo's new zero water approach coupled with the lowest energy requirements takes this to a new level reflecting our environmental leadership in recycling technology.

CeDo Recycling is certified to ISO 14001.

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