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Lowest cost producer: manufacturing & supply chain excellence

CeDo operates a fully integrated international manufacturing and supply chain network designed to provide optimal production efficiency coupled with the distribution network to supply all European retailers within increasingly demanding time scales.   

CeDo has manufacturing and logistics centres in the UK, Poland and Vietnam, which are complemented by our industry leading recycling plant in the Netherlands. CeDo Recycling Geleen manufactures base stock material for new products from post consumer recycled polyethylene and production waste.  Each production site operates a system of stringent quality control procedures including compliance with AFNOR and other national Standards to ensure the quality of our products and services.  

Our fully integrated production and supply chain network  runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum to provide retailers with the optimal combination of cost effectiveness, quality and reliability all delivered through a world class customer services operation.   
How bags are made

All polyethylene bags start the manufacturing process using blown-film extrusion technology.   

First polyethylene resin pellets are mixed with dyes and other additives to create the “mix”.  This is then piped into the extruders which melt the mix and forces the liquid material through a die and blows this into a large bubble with uniform material thickness.  Processing equipment flattens the bubble before commencing the conversion and finishing processes.

Finishing includes heat sealing the bottoms of the bags, stamping out the shape of the bag and/or perforating the material film where tear off rolls are required.  Closure mechanisms (such as re-sealable zips or other designs) are added as required for the particular design at this stage.

Finally the bags are packed in boxes, flow wrap outers or in the case of bin liners and refuse sacks into roles, before packing in cases and pallets ready for shipment.

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