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CeDo is the environmental leader in recycling capability

For over 20 years we have been committed to recycling and have invested heavily in the development of new, leading edge recycling capabilities to radically push the boundaries of what is possible - all with the lowest overall carbon foot print.
Our commitment to R&D has resulted in full, post consumer, closed loop recycling capability using material that would otherwise have gone to landfill now being reused.

Moreover the state of the art technology not only means material is saved from landfill, but the conversion process also has the lowest carbon footprint, consuming 74% less energy than current leading approaches and avoiding the need for water.  

The result of 5 years of R&D, our dry recycling technology means water is no longer required in contrast to conventional approaches which require up to 15,000 litres per tonne of recycled material.

A new benchmark in post consumer recycling  

As a result of CeDo's development of state of the art facilities at our recycling plant in Geleen (Netherlands), we are able to provide the new benchmark in post consumer recycling;  The lowest carbon footprint, full close loop recycling and stimulation for further innovation in the industry including kerbside collection on mixed film.  
Sustainability with the lowest carbon footprint

CeDo's approach opens a highly sustainable source of post consumer material, 11 times the availability of existing post consumer recyclate.  

Prior to development of our new approach only specific PET/HDPE films could be recycled, with mixed film (97% of volume) going to landfill.  Now this can be efficiently recycled, opening up new material sources, stimulating the industry, minimising the environmental impact and providing a sustainable competitive advantage for CeDo.

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