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Saved from Landfil™

The Green Rubbish Bag™

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Nappy Sacks™ are perfect for disposing of nappies - large enough to hold every nappy size as well as any wipes used during a change.  By locking in the germs of a wet nappy with their easy-tie handles and giving you a baby-fresh fragrance by neutralising the odours of a dirty change, Nappy Sacks™ are the convenient, hygienic and responsible way to dispose of nappies in the home and when out and about.

Hygienic nappy changing the quick and easy way!
The Poly-Lina® range of food & freezer bags, food wraps, bin liners and refuse sacks provide consumers with unrivalled quality, convenience and product innovation. This portfolio has been developed based on extensive analysis of consumer demands to incorporate the most popular product formats coupled with new innovations to provide the greatest convenience, reliability and cost effectiveness.  

Poly-lina® was launched in the UK market in 1965, and has been a trusted label ever since.

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PACLAN is our leading European brand offering indispensable household disposables including food bags and wraps, bin liners, refuse sacks and cleaning products.  The portfolio has been developed based on extensive analysis of consumer demands across Europe to address key household requirements and new innovations to provide optimal convenience, reliability and cost effectiveness

PACLAN was launched in Europe in 1978, and has grown to a leading positions in multiple markets including being the #1 brand in Russia for kitchen and cleaning products.
Pop-Ins offer discreet and hygienic disposal of sanitary products supporting the European objective of controlled disposal. With their easy-tie handles and light fragrance Pop-Ins™ are the convenient, hygienic and responsible way to dispose of sanitary products in the home and when out and about.

Our brands

Saved from Landfill™

Household Waste Saved from Landfill™ is a true closed loop recycling solution, utilising waste that is collected from the kerbside, sorted, recycled and manufactured into high quality bags with the lowest carbon footprint;

100% recycled plastic
Made utilising 30% household waste saved from landfill
The lowest carbon footprint & zero water consumption
High quality, high performance products
Integrity through a proven chain of custody for traceability
The Green Rubbish Bag™

The Green Rubbish bag is an environmentally friendly refuse sack that has multiple closure systems. Our innovative range is available with tie handle, drawstring, tie top and standard closure options.

100% recycled plastic
Made from recycled farm plastics
Ultra strong and tear resistant
The low carbon footprint
Landsavers™ caddy liners and caddy

100% Compostable & biodegradable caddy liners and caddy.  

Designed to fit most kitchen & composting caddies. The Landsaver™ home composting system makes the task of waste reduction easier, safer and better for the environment. The kitchen caddy and caddy liners are ideal for collecting food scraps, peelings and segregating them from the rest of the normal household waste.

Compostable EN13432. Accreditation No.7P0119.
Our products are sold by Europe’s leading retailers under their own private labels as well as CeDo’s brands.  

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